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In short order, we will be discontinuing our email alerts for HERITAGE HOUSE SALES estate sales.
So many of you are NOT getting them even though we are sending them out.
There are many reasons for this.  In some cases your mailboxes are full and your server bats them back to me and you don't even know that an alert was sent.

However, the main reason is INTERNET SECURITY.  Anyone who uses Craigslist knows how twisted individuals enjoy sending phony messages.  Anyone who has internet has experienced tons of SPAM.
Your server is trying to protect you by blocking us; unfortunately, they view us as SPAM since we send out thousands of emails per week.  So this is why we have been dragged to the decision to discontinue email alerts.

If you want email alerts from HERITAGE HOUSE SALES, please "LIKE"
HERITAGE HOUSE SALES  Facebook page and you will AUTOMATICALLY get estate sale alerts from us with pictures.  

If you don't like that, you can find us on Craigslist OR you can search for us manually on this website

Sorry for the inconvenience.  We have been forced to change with the times in order to better serve you!

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