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Estate Sale Process for
Heritage House Sales



       Our large, well-trained staff can handle any size sale. We can handle the sale from start to finish with no worries for our clients.  Our clients just need to select the items that they wish to retain; we will then clean,  organize, display, price, advertise, and sell all that remains.  
     People are often amazed that we sell more than just sell furniture.  We sell all kinds of personal property including books, jewelry, appliances, kitchen utensils, linens,  potted plants, vehicles, tools, canned food, china, pottery, collectibles and antiques, clothing, etc.  
     At the end of the sale, our staff can dispose of what is left, provided that the client gives us sufficient time to do so.  We can also take items to the landfill, and have the home or business professionally cleaned, if desired.   In some cases, this service is done at no charge; in others, a fee is charged.  
     Heritage House Sales has the ability to continue to market fine items that did not sell at the sale through eBay and other venues, if our client so desires.  In some cases, Heritage House Sales can remove items from a client's home or business, and sell those items at one of our warehouses.  We can also sometimes combine clients' items to have enough merchandise for a complete sale.



      Safety is of the utmost importance to us.  All of our worker's are covered by Workmen's Compensation.  Heritage House Sales carries a million dollar liability policy for each sale to provide our client with additional coverage should a customer be injured.  Our client is not charged extra for the insurance--it is included with our services.  For added protection, we are bonded. 
Heritage House is meticulous in training all staff to be alert for potential hazards. We utilize cones, caution tape, hazard stickers, etc. to alert our customers of things like stairs and a change of grade on the property.  We also limit the number of people who have access to the premises at a given time in order to make the environment safer.  For this reason, we are proud to say that we have had no customer claims to date.  
     Our large, well-trained staff can handle any size sale.  Although our fees are standard for our industry, we typically provide double the staffing that is standard for our trade.  Although this extra staffing is costly for Heritage House, we are willing to absorb this cost in order to protect our clients and customers by preventing injury and loss. Staff are typically utilized in the following way:  One or more of our workers maintains a "waiting line" to enter the premises, and oversees the parking of cars.  A worker also checks receipts as a customer leaves the premises.  Other workers are stationed throughout the home or business to assist customers with their purchases.  Cashiers take the customer's money, and provide them with a cash register receipt  If a customer needs help loading an item, we can assist. Delivery is also available.  Some workers are assigned to protect small, pocketable items. All workers are provided with a walkie-talkie for communication purposes.
Heritage House is proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and is a member of O.T.O.R.A.



     If you are contemplating having an estate sale, the first thing you need to do is to decide (along with family members and other interested parties), WHAT WILL BE IN THE SALE.  As you are sorting through things, please try to avoid boxing up items, emptying cupboards, bagging up clothes, etc.  It is usually best to keep items in their original places.
Also, please do NOT throw items away.  You would be surprised how many times people throw away perfectly saleable items because they believe them to be junk.  You also want to avoid donating clothing, pots and pans, etc. before the sale; a donation can take place after the sale.  In the same vein, it is not wise to have a "garage sale" before the contemplated estate sale.  To do so is to chance compromising the success of the estate sale.  Most people are surprised to learn that we sell EVERYTHING THAT IS IN THE HOUSE--including clothing, pots and pans, potted plants, spices, open bags of fertilizer, cleaning supplies, office supplies, garden tools, etc.  It all has value!  Of course, you DO want to shred personal paperwork and throw away rotten food.


       We are frequently asked how long it takes us to prepare for a sale.  We have the ability to prepare most sales within a week.  However, in order to take full advantage of all the advertising potential, it is recommended that two or more weeks be allowed for us to prepare your sale, depending upon the size of the sale and the quality of the items.   If you choose to have us provide a complimentary empty-out, including a donation to a charity (you get the receipt), please allow about a week for that to be accomplished.


       Heritage House is compensated for our services by a commission based upon the dollar amount sold at the sale.  Our commission varies depending upon the amount sold; the commission percentage gets lower as we sell more merchandise. This is a unique feature of our service; industry standard is to charge a flat percentage, regardless of the size of the sale.  We offer a break in our commission, if the size of the sale warrants the discount.  Further, unlike many other companies, we have NO HIDDEN FEES.  For example, we do not charge you for our help  by the hour, advertising, empty-out, etc.  It's just a flat percentage of what we sell!  So be careful when comparing services.  Recently, a lady called me to let me know that she had not chosen our service because it seemed so much more expensive than another company who "only" charged 15%; however, the company charged her for help (including the company owner), and other things.  The result was that the lady was paying 50% instead of the 30% quoted by us.  

     If comparing services, it's helpful to know what is INCLUDED with their service.  For example, is the company bonded?  Do they carry Workmen's Comp ;(if they don't ,YOU might end up paying the tab for injured "employees").  Does the company carry a million dollar insurance policy ;(if they don't, YOU might end up paying the tab for an injured estate sale customer).  Are they listed with and rated by the BBB?  Heritage House Sales is proud of our A plus BBB rating.  Also ask what kind of staffing is provided; some companies conduct sales with a very small number of employees and charge you the same commission or more than Heritage House Sales.  Inadequate staffing can result in neighborhood parking problems, injury to customers, theft of personal property, and damage to the property. Does the company use cash registers to collect the money and, more importantly, do they charge and pay state sales tax. California state law requires state sales tax to be collected and reported to the Board of Equalization even if you conduct the sale yourself. Does the company's ontract state that it is their responsibility to collect and pay the mandated state sales tax.  If they don't pay it, YOU are liable--along with penalties!
You should also consider what kind of advertising is provided with the commission--we advertise in newspapers, on our website (with pictures), Craigslist, with flyers, etc.  

     Want to know more about what we can do for you?  Give us a call or schedule a  no-obligation, no-cost assessment. 


    Heritage House Sales provides a free no-obligation consultation in which we will tour your premises and provide you with an estimate for the cost of our services.  To schedule a consultation, please call Carolyn on her cell phone at: (805)878-1978, or leave a message at our office: (805)937-3855 or, toll-free, at: 1-800-761-3855.  Your phone call will be returned promptly within twenty-four hours or less.  Or, if you prefer, send us an e-mail at: heritagehouse@thegrid.net



     The first step is to determine whether or not you can legally conduct an estate sale.  If you live in a mobile home community, retirement or assisted living facility, condominium, apartment, gated community, or PUD, you might not be able to have an estate sale.  However, this does not mean that we can not help you liquidate.

     The second step is to determine what you and your family wish to keep.  As you are sorting through items, please do NOT throw anything away.  You would be surprised how many times people dispose of salable items.  Likewise, it is best to wait until after the sale to donate items. We  typically sell everything in a home--including spices, canned food, clothing, magazines, open bags of fertilizer and garden tools, potted plants, etc.  Of course, you should shred personal paperwork and throw away rotten food.
     Please avoid boxing items up, emptying cupboards, and bagging up clothes.  Try to keep items in their original locations unless absolutely necessary.

     After you have determine what will be retained, please call Carolyn Rivaldi at (805)878-1978 for a free in-home assessment.  If she determines that there is enough quantity and quality for an estate sale, she will make a proposal to you.  If you like the proposal, you can sign a contract and provide her with a house key.  If you have any minimum prices for any of the items, these minimums must be disclosed before the contract is signed.

    Now you can relax.  Everything is in the hands of competent Heritage House Sales staff.  We will begin by bringing in tables and other display pieces as needed.  The items will be staged.  Pictures will be taken for advertising.  Appraisers will value and tag the items.

    On the first day of the estate sale you will notice that  a staff member is positioned outside the home to supervise parking and to maintain a line of customers waiting to get into the home.  Staff inside the home are advising the "gate person" when more customers can be let into the home. 

    During the first portion of the sale, prices are pretty much fixed at the tagged price.  Of course, our staff are always willing to take bids in person and by telephone and email.  We will use these bids to determine the final sales prices of all items that did not sell for full price.  During the clearance portion of the sale (usually the last day), most items without offers will be sold for  1/2 price in order to sell the least desirable items in the sale.

     After the sale is concluded, Heritage House Sales is happy, in most cases, to assist you in completely emptying the home--usually at no additional charge to you.  If we make a donation on your behalf, you will get the donation receipt.
If this is something you might wish to have done, please discuss it with us at the time of the assessment meeting. 


     When we started our business thirty plus years ago, there were no other options for a professsionally-conducted estate sale company.  In fact, the death of our parents and the subsequent estate sale conducted by us became the inspiration for Heritage House Sales.  We did not like selling our family's items--too much emotional attachment!  It was painful for us. We opened our business because we wanted to provide for others what we did not have: a reliable service to dispose of the items that our family did not wish to retain.  It is our enduring goal to put ourselves in the shoes of the families we serve and to remind ourselves, as we do so, how difficult the process was for us all those years ago.  We mention this because we take our business and our responsibility to our community seriously.

    In the thirty some years that followed, there has been a proliferation of local individuals and companies that provide a service similar to ours.  We know most of these folks and have found them to be trustworthy.  However, in the last couple of years, there have been two companies who are operating in the area and they have an unsavory reputation.  Without going into detail, please check out the company you hire before you sign a contract.  Getting references is not helpful; almost everyone has friends who are willing to vouch for them. Here are a few things that you should find out before you proceed:

*Are they known by the BBB and are they rated by them?
*Is the company bonded?
*Perform a Google search of the company's name and the owners' names to see if there are any relevant news articles, etc.
*If you are not local, ask locals about them.  Often your neighbors may provide useful information.



       You can contact us through this web site. Scroll up to the top of the page, and click on "Contact Us".  You can contact
us by e-mail at: heritagehouse@thegrid.net   Our office will take a message twenty-four hours a day at: (805)937-3855,
or toll-free


...proudly serving our community since 1987!







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